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Love Hina
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Hello! ^_^ This is a community dedicated to the series Love Hina! Come here and post about Love Hina news, pictures you like, don't be shy even if you think we've seen it, fan-art, fan-fiction, etc.

Note: Hentai is allowed is users do so wish, but please, for the sake of users who don't like that stuff, use the LJ cut tag. This includes lemon fan-fiction.

Most of all this is just for Love Hina fans to interact with one another, so just have fun! ^__^

Only a couple major rules:

1) Please, please stay on topic. This is a Love Hina community, but discussion of Akamatsu's other works is more than welcome as well. However, don't forget what we're all originally here for!

2) Don't use this community to advertise other communities. Ones relating to Love Hina and/or Akamatsu's other works/himself are welcome, though.

3) Have fun!

Love Hina sites by our members:



A general page with lots of merchandise scans.